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Andis Ultraedge & Ceramic Edge Blade Blade replacement
Price RM73.00 - RM157.00
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Brand Andis
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 3.5 cm x 12 cm
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Andis® UltraEdge™ Blades are made from high-carbon steel and processed through a unique carburizing heat treatment that actually adds carbon to the metal. More carbon on the metal means a harder cutting surface. Blades hold a razor sharp edge that will endure prolonged use and more sharpening treatments.

  • Each Andis UltraEdge blade is sharpened to exact quality standard
  • Hand-tested and quality assured
  • Available in a variety of sizes


Note: Andis® also develop high quality blade care products. To prolong lifespan for Andis® blades, usage of Andis® blade care products is highly recommended. Please refer to range of Andis® blade care products page.


Andis® Ceramic Replacement Blade Cutters are designed and made from a high-tech ceramic material. When blades are blunting, simply replace with one of these ceramic cutters to extend the life of the life of your blades.

  • Running much cooler - ceramic material have low heat transfer and generate much less friction when use

Medium Cutter can be used with #40 and #50 blades (CeramicEdge® Blades, ShowEdge® Blades, UltraEdge® Blades)

Coarse Ceramic Cutter can be used with #30, #15, #10, #9, #8 1/2, #7FC, #7, #5FC, #5, #4, #4FC and #3 3/4FC size blades. (CeramicEdge® Blades, ShowEdge® Blades, UltraEdge® Blades)