About Us

At Pethypermart.com, we are also a pet parents who understand that your pets are part of the family too. At our online store you’ll find a great selection of pet food, treats, toys and accessories, all at competitive prices. Our company started off with a small home pet business service to cater surrounding neighborhood with service such as home grooming, pet food delivery and small pet boarding business since 2010.

     With the increasing demand from our customers and area of services, in 2017 our team had come to a decision to venture in pet e-commerce platform for the convenient of online purchase and catalogues browsing. Our online pet stores carries most of the up to date brands available in Malaysia and a wide selection of essential and innovative pet supplies to suits all kinds of needs.

     Our mission is to provide pet owners with the widest selection of pet care items to choose from, our product list grows everyday. You will be assured that all our products are fresh and new.

Pethypermart.com SSM Number and Registration 002735673-H