Sheba Melty Cat Treats Cat Snacks (12g x 4 pcs - Per Pack)
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Brand Sheba
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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This irresistible, silky purée creates the ultimate treating experience for you and your cat. Gorgeous 12g sachets are designed for a novel handfeeding experience that will keep your cat by your side until the last drop.

Suitable for all cats over 12 months – adult and senior

Total of 4 Available Option:

  1. Sheba Melty Tuna & Seafood 12g x 4pcs
  2. Sheba Melty Katsuo & Salmon 12g x 4pcs
  3. Sheba Melty Chicken & Whitefish 12g x 4pcs
  4. Sheba Melty Tuna 12g x 4pcs


Protein Min: 5%

Fat Min: 0.2%

Fibre Max: 0.5%

Moisture: 90%